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Innovative teaching methods that make RKL Galaxy International School the best CBSE school near Dighi

Best CBSE School In Dighi

RKL Galaxy International School, the top CBSE school in Dighi,  stands out as a beacon of innovation, reshaping the learning experience for students in and around Dighi. The school’s commitment to progressive education is reflected in its incorporation of cutting-edge teaching methodologies.


  1. Robotics Labs with Dedicated Educators:

RKL Galaxy International School, one of the best schools near Dighi, goes beyond traditional education by introducing Robotics Labs equipped with state-of-the-art technology. Dedicated educators guide students in exploring the realms of robotics, enhancing their problem-solving and analytical skills.

Mechanical Assembly of Robots:

Students engage in hands-on experiences, learning the intricate art of assembling robots. This practical approach enhances their technical skills and instills a sense of accomplishment.

Coding for Games and Animated Series:

The school recognizes the importance of coding in the digital age. Robotics classes at RKL Galaxy International School, one of the top CBSE schools in Charholi, empower students to code, and create games and animated series and provide a platform to unleash their creativity.

Creating Own Apps:

Beyond conventional learning, students are encouraged to bring their ideas to life by creating their own applications. This hands-on experience contributes to their understanding of app development and cultivates a sense of entrepreneurship.

Design Engineering:

Robotics classes at the school encompass design engineering, allowing students to conceptualize and design robots. This facet of the curriculum nurtures their creativity and hones their skills in designing solutions to real-world problems.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning:

RKL Galaxy International School introduces students to the fundamentals of artificial intelligence and machine learning. This forward-thinking approach prepares them for the challenges of the future.

  1. Spacious Campus with Sports Facilities:

The school boasts a sprawling campus, providing ample space for holistic development. A basketball court, football ground, and a swimming pool contribute to the physical well-being of students. Each sports activity is curated with precision, as the school employs separate coaches for training in various disciplines, ensuring excellence in sports.

  1. Comprehensive Physical Education:

In addition to conventional sports, RKL Galaxy International School takes pride in offering comprehensive physical education. Gymnastics and karate training are integral to the curriculum, promoting overall fitness and cultivating student discipline.

  1. Entrepreneurship Classes for Business Acumen:

Recognizing the importance of fostering entrepreneurial spirit, the school introduces entrepreneurship classes. Students are exposed to business fundamentals, encouraging creativity, leadership, and critical thinking.

Digital Classrooms with Audio-Visual Equipment at RKL Galaxy International School Mechanical Assembly of Robots by Kids at RKL Galaxy International School


  1. Digital Classrooms with Audio-Visual Equipment:

The classrooms at RKL Galaxy International School are at the forefront of modern education. Equipped with digital boards and audio-visual equipment, each class becomes interactive, enhancing the learning experience and making lessons more engaging.

  1. Dedicated Teachers and Individual Attention:

The backbone of the school’s success lies in its dedicated teaching faculty. Each teacher ensures individual attention to students, creating a nurturing environment for every child.

RKL Galaxy International School emerges as a trailblazer in education, blending innovation, infrastructure, and a dedicated teaching faculty. As one of the best CBSE schools near Dighi, it not only imparts academic knowledge but also instills essential life skills, preparing students for a future filled with success and accomplishment.