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RKL Galaxy International School believes in providing proper nutrition to the students throughout the day through proper meals. To ensure this they provide proper lunch break but one has to bring their own meals.

Yes, RKL Galaxy International School provides transportation facilty for the students.

No, admissions are not open in RKL Galaxy International School for 2024-2025.

Safety of children is the primary responsibility of any school and RKL Galaxy International School ensures the same. 

Ensuring the safety and security of students is a top priority at RKL Galaxy International School. The school implements comprehensive measures to create a secure environment:
Infrastructure: The school maintains impeccably designed facilities with secure staircases, operational fire alarms, optimal lighting, and fortified windows and doors.
Transportation Safety: The school guarantees secure bus stops, routes, and transportation protocols. Drivers undergo training in safe driving techniques, and vehicles undergo regular maintenance with advanced safety features.
Bullying Prevention: RKL Galaxy International School actively implements bullying prevention and intervention programs to foster a safe and inclusive atmosphere.
Mental Health Support: The school provides mental health support services, including an infirmary, to ensure the well-being of students.
Surveillance: Strategic installation of surveillance cameras across key points of the school campus serves as a powerful tool for maintaining safety and monitoring activities.

No, RKL Galaxy International School does not offer hostel facilities. It is a day school that provides day boarding facilities for students.

Yes, RKL Galaxy International School provides transportation facilities for students. Our dedicated drivers undergo training in safe driving techniques, and our vehicles undergo regular maintenance, equipped with advanced safety features, ensuring a secure and reliable transportation experience for students.

RKL Galaxy International School actively supports students with diverse learning needs through various strategies:
Active Learning: The school encourages active learning methods to engage students actively in the learning process.
Small Group and Learning Stations: Embracing small group activities and learning stations helps cater to individual learning styles.
Grouping by Learning Style: Students are grouped based on their learning styles rather than just their abilities, ensuring personalized attention.
Project-Based Learning: Promoting project-based learning allows students to explore and apply knowledge in practical ways.
Ed-Tech Integration: Incorporating digital classrooms with audio-visual facilities and adaptive learning tools enhances the learning experience.
Alternative Testing Options: The school provides alternative testing options to accommodate diverse learning needs, ensuring fair assessment.

Yes, RKL Galaxy International School is equipped with state-of-the-art laboratories and well-stocked libraries to enhance the overall learning experience. Our laboratories are designed to facilitate hands-on experimentation and practical learning across various subjects. Additionally, our libraries offer a rich collection of books, resources, and digital materials to support academic excellence and encourage a culture of reading and research among students.

The school integrates technology into learning by providing digital classes with audio-visual (AV) facilities. Through these digital classrooms, students have access to interactive lessons, multimedia resources, and engaging content, enhancing their understanding of various subjects.