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Fostering Creativity and Innovation in Education at RKL Galaxy International School

Best International School in Pune

RKL Galaxy International School, situated in Wadmukhwadi, stands out as the best school in Chovisawadi, renowned for its exceptional facilities and comprehensive curriculum. It provides students with a nurturing environment conducive to academic, social, and emotional development. Recognized as the best CBSE school in Chovisawadi, RKL Galaxy International School prioritizes fostering creativity and innovation among its students.

Exceptional Infrastructure 

One of the school’s notable features is its exceptional infrastructure, which includes state-of-the-art amenities such as science labs, maths labs, computer labs, and a robotics lab.Students are empowered to participate in hands-on learning experiences, immersing themselves in diverse STEM concepts. Engaging in hands-on exercises, students acquire firsthand understanding of the fields encompassing Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

Facilities for Holistic Development 

Moreover, RKL Galaxy International School takes pride in boasting the largest swimming pool on its premises. This facilitates the holistic development of students by promoting physical fitness and aquatic skills. Additionally, the school offers top-notch sports facilities with dedicated coaches for cricket, swimming, karate, gymnastics, football, and basketball. Through sports, students learn valuable life skills such as teamwork, discipline, and resilience.

Entrepreneurship Classes 

In line with its commitment to holistic education, the school provides entrepreneurship classes for all students, encouraging them to think creatively and develop entrepreneurial skills from a young age. Furthermore, the classrooms at RKL Galaxy International School are equipped with advanced audiovisual (AV) equipment, ensuring interactive and engaging learning experiences for students.

Dedicated football Coach for RKL Galaxy International School music training at RKL Galaxy International School

Extra Curricular ACtivities in RKL Galaxy International School

In addition to academics, the school prioritizes extracurricular activities to enhance students’ social and cognitive growth. Speech and drama classes cultivate communication skills and confidence, while classical music training by Gandharva certified teachers and western music training by Trinity certified teachers nurture students’ artistic talents and appreciation for music.

In Nutshell

 RKL Galaxy International School stands as a beacon of excellence in education, providing students with a conducive environment to explore their potential and excel in various domains. By fostering creativity, encouraging innovation, and promoting holistic development, the school equips students with the skills and confidence needed to thrive in today’s rapidly evolving world. Through a comprehensive educational approach focused on fostering critical thinking and problem-solving skills, students develop into versatile and resilient individuals prepared to confront the complexities of contemporary times.With a focus on nurturing both academic excellence and personal growth, the school instills in students a lifelong love for learning and a passion for making meaningful contributions to society.


What sets RKL Galaxy International School apart from other CBSE schools near Moshi is its exceptional features. The school offers top-notch infrastructure with a well-stocked library, science lab, maths lab, and computer lab. Notably, it houses the biggest swimming pool on campus in Pune. Additionally, students benefit from extensive sports facilities with separate coaches for football, cricket, gymnastics, karate, and basketball, along with swimming instructors. The classes are equipped with digital technology and separate AV equipment for each class. RKL Galaxy International School boasts dedicated faculty members and provides speech and drama classes. Moreover, students receive classical and western music training from certified Gandharva and Trinity teachers. These aspects truly set it apart from the rest.

RKL Galaxy International School fosters a supportive and inclusive learning environment for its students by having helpful and caring teachers. The school goes beyond textbooks and imparts life skills through various activities such as sports, computer studies, robotics, speech and drama, as well as excursions and educational trips.

RKLGIS ensures the safety of students on campus through various measures. These include secure entrances and exits, controlled access systems, and protocols for fire safety, evacuations, and medical emergencies. Additionally, there is a first aid and infirmary facility available.