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Creating a Safe & Inclusive Environment: RKLGIS's Approach to Diversity and Inclusion

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RKL Galaxy International School (RKLGIS), a CBSE school near Moshi, stands out as a top CBSE school and a pioneer in fostering a safe and inclusive environment for all its students.

Welcoming Environment:

RKL Galaxy International School, the best CBSE school near Moshi, takes pride in creating an atmosphere where every student feels a sense of belonging and psychological safety. This welcoming environment ensures that each child can flourish and learn in an atmosphere that values their uniqueness.

Incorporating Diverse Perspectives:

Diversity is celebrated at RKL Galaxy International School, one of the top CBSE schools near Moshi, as the school goes beyond textbooks to include many perspectives. By embracing various nationalities, races, languages, abilities, socio-economic backgrounds, and current affairs, RKLGIS ensures that its curriculum reflects the rich tapestry of the world.

Respectful Treatment of Students:

Respect is the cornerstone of RKLGIS’s approach. Every student is acknowledged and treated with respect, recognizing and appreciating their diverse talents. This culture of respect forms the foundation for a positive and nurturing learning environment.

Addressing Biases:

At RKLGIS, the faculty and administrators engage in ongoing self-reflection to identify and address any biases or stereotypes. Professional development programs are implemented to enhance cultural competence, and the school emphasizes the importance of modeling inclusive behavior.

Diversity in RKL Galaxy International School Professional development programs at RKL Galaxy International School

Diverse Instructional Methods:

Recognizing that every student learns differently, RKL Galaxy International School employs a range of instructional methods tailored to individual needs. Whether through one-on-one sessions, large group activities, or small group instruction, the school ensures that each student receives the support they require.

Encouraging Collaboration:

Collaboration is key to RKLGIS’s philosophy. The school fosters a culture where students are encouraged to collaborate and work together. Peer tutoring and collaborative learning opportunities are embraced, promoting a sense of teamwork and camaraderie.

Fostering a Sense of Community:

RKL Galaxy International School brings students together through a variety of school-wide events and activities. Assemblies, sporting events, and cultural celebrations are not just occasions for learning but also opportunities to build a strong sense of community among students.

In essence, RKL Galaxy International School near Moshi goes beyond the traditional role of a CBSE school. It stands as a beacon of inclusivity and diversity, shaping students not only academically but also as individuals who appreciate and celebrate differences. As you explore the enriching environment crafted by RKLGIS, discover how the school’s commitment to inclusion makes it the best CBSE school near Moshi.


What sets RKL Galaxy International School apart from other CBSE schools near Moshi is its exceptional features. The school offers top-notch infrastructure with a well-stocked library, science lab, maths lab, and computer lab. Notably, it houses the biggest swimming pool on campus in Pune. Additionally, students benefit from extensive sports facilities with separate coaches for football, cricket, gymnastics, karate, and basketball, along with swimming instructors. The classes are equipped with digital technology and separate AV equipment for each class. RKL Galaxy International School boasts dedicated faculty members and provides speech and drama classes. Moreover, students receive classical and western music training from certified Gandharva and Trinity teachers. These aspects truly set it apart from the rest.

RKL Galaxy International School fosters a supportive and inclusive learning environment for its students by having helpful and caring teachers. The school goes beyond textbooks and imparts life skills through various activities such as sports, computer studies, robotics, speech and drama, as well as excursions and educational trips.

RKLGIS ensures the safety of students on campus through various measures. These include secure entrances and exits, controlled access systems, and protocols for fire safety, evacuations, and medical emergencies. Additionally, there is a first aid and infirmary facility available.